"300 homes wrapped around a village center, with a food coop, community spaces, entertainment spaces, two bio-dynamic/organic farms, community gardens, car-free ped-ways, a 30-car car-share program, shuttles to town, dance nights, bluegrass Fridays, cafe, grills, outdoor spaces, tool shed, share shed, three cohousing 'very green' pods, a ring of smaller 'simple living' homes, and on the edge, low-impact 'hand-built' alternative building projects..." Is this do-able in Colorado in 2012? Absolutely. Here is the vessel to make it happen.

 More (preliminary) words on the 7 pillars here

Details from the people's survey
"Name three things you'd like to see in an Eco-town."
co-working space
bartering, and local currency
home-school co-op
education program for visitors
renewable power
community gardens
nut trees, worms, ladybugs, fungi
local art/music
theater/music hall
art studio
animal care
seed collecting
on the new planned light rail lines - link - link
private yard spaces
NVC training
canning, drying
waste management
bike share
no pesticides
access to transit line
water rights
yoga / dance
guest housing
teen hang out
free concerts
share shed
a computer lab
grey water
goats, bees
cottage industries
performance space
kids play area, natural
rain catchments
composting toilets
compost for dog doo
shared meals
coop store
dog space
sacred spaces
bike coop
80% conservation easement to county
lumber mill
local plants
outdoor fire place
rice milk machine
nut butter machine
kombucha brewing
renewable-energy local brewery
open community adobe baking oven

And what is your input?

Please let us know by taking our survey -

Or you can send us your ideas to our public email at frontrangeecolist@gmail.com

Below are a few sketches and interpretations around the "eco-town" concept, starting with a cartoon. There is no attachment around these being the final project design. Click to enlarge.

The drawing above is from the following website - Barrett Studio Architects of Colorado - http://www.barrettstudio.com/portfolio/communities-civic/twin-buttes-ecovillage - link

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