More words on the 7 pillars 

1. Low-Impact - Fully-sustainable on "day one" would not be very affordable. Here we use "Low-Impact' as a guide as we move a new community of greens into homes. Walking the land to understand what works for it and the organisms already at home there. How can we improve the land while having a much lower impact? Adding habitat for native species. Adding shade trees, nut, fruit trees. Using local materials chosen for the regional climate. Envisioning smaller more functional homes for simple living with vibrant shared spaces instead.

2. Large - Creating space for a large project unlocks a lot of the great things about living in a village and solves a number of the things wrong with being isolated in a small cluster. We want to offset as many conventional homes as possible. We want a lot of people to be inspired and enabled to live this way.

A large vibrant project will attract more people and make a larger positive change for them and the planet in a more interesting way.

3. Vibrant - A larger project has all the diversity and resources of a village to unlock a rich and vibrant life. Here we set that intention early. Sustainability is a great path, but we know we must create something that's also fun and interesting too, or it won't be sustainable socially. We keep our message positive and celebrate what's right with the world.

4. Low-Cost - We call this "naturally affordable". Costs are naturally lower when you share resources, share energy, work and play closer to where you live, cut down travel, own less, store less. Not every household needs storage for stuff they don't need individually. Empty guest rooms become rooms rented from common areas.

5. Open-Culture - "Not a narrow culture."

We are holding space for a larger project that includes the full spectrum of people interested in the sustainable-living movement.

A successful eco-town project has an open culture that is inclusive of the diversity of green village ideas, dreams, and means.

If a group wants to get up and do Yoga at 4am, that's great, but we all don't have to. Let's celebrate what's right with the world. Let's celebrate what we have in common - a green-minded and community-minded generation.

6. Healthy - "We want people to want to duplicate it."

Keeping it healthy is an important part of the journey. Tapping in to the latest knowledge on organizing these types of communities, but also with good boundaries and structure available to a larger project.

7. Reasonable "Leaping forward to what's possible"

Should we add $3 million to the budget for a large solar system on day 1 when we can buy renewable wind-power for a little extra and keep it much more affordable? Let's put the best practices of the green movement to work, and do what's possible.

Below are a few sketches and interpretations around the "eco-town" concept, starting with a cartoon. There is no attachment around these being the final project design. Click to enlarge.

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