"We work around 1,000,000 minutes over 30 years to pay for our houses in the US.

Why not take 5 minutes to make it a place where you really want to live? :)" 


"Get on our "nice" email list."

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We've talked to 1000s of people on the Colorado Front Range. And so many are excited with the gathering of this project. 

Well really, it's people like you taking 5 minutes to get into our database that are making it happen.

This is the real gift to your future community. This is service to a higher good, a better world, and a better life for many of us.

This grassroots database is the catalyst/vessel that gathers that pent-up energy that is ready to build an eco-town on the Front Range.

And it's kind of fun to fill out.

When you're done, if you email or tell 3 or more friends about this happy endeavor, you may register for the "Hot Springs Retreat" at: http://tinyurl.com/eco-raffle

Or you can wade in a little deeper by filling out our short volunteer form.

And print out a poster from below to help get the word out:

Photo Soft Eco-town Poster-v3.pdf Photo Soft Eco-town Poster-v3.pdf
Size : 576.874 Kb
Type : pdf
TeePee 11b.pdf TeePee 11b.pdf
Size : 109.336 Kb
Type : pdf
Tomato Shovel TeePee 11a.pdf Tomato Shovel TeePee 11a.pdf
Size : 130.872 Kb
Type : pdf
Another Shovel TeePee 11a.pdf Another Shovel TeePee 11a.pdf
Size : 131.313 Kb
Type : pdf
Great Productions eco_town2.pdf Great Productions eco_town2.pdf
Size : 3001.41 Kb
Type : pdf
shovel 11e.pdf shovel 11e.pdf
Size : 100.122 Kb
Type : pdf
3 items few words.pdf 3 items few words.pdf
Size : 51.377 Kb
Type : pdf
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