Who is involved?

We're a group of people like you interested in creating much greener, richer, cheaper, and more sustainable housing options. We are currently centered in Boulder, CO, but are expanding to Denver when we get to the right development point.

We have an Outreach team, and are forming a Structures team, and a Development team. There's an abundance of talent in the area.

An important intention seeded into this project is an effort to keep the culture "open" to lots of different perspectives. This is accomplished with holding space for a large vibrant project with cultural subgroups, with individuals free to investigate and participate in multiple pods.

Why exclude anyone interested in "eco-villages"?

And don't exclude yourself, get into our database!

Or you can contact us by sending an email to our public address at frontrangeecolist@gmail.com

Mission Statement

"I would be very interested in contributing in any way I can." 
"I would love to be a part of one." 
"I think it sounds great!"
"I want to know more!!!! And am very curious." 
"Sounds splendid :)" 
"Lets do it!
"Exciting, but daunting." 
"Bring it on!"  
"i'm curious"
"That is exactly what I am looking for..." 
"It sounds awesome, when can i move in?"

Mission Statement of Outreach Group
To prep, grow, and nurture a vibrant grassroots campaign to connect and gather a very large and active pool of enthusiastic empowered green housing buyers and homesteaders to ignite an enlightened developers ability to help us build a large-scale, green, sustainable, and community-focused Eco-Town on the Colorado Front Range.

How do we measure success?
1. A large database of interested folks.
2. Informative and fun gatherings.
3. Media wins
4. Real-world and online buzz
5. Real-estate professional buzz
6. Core community how-to developments

7 Points to A Successful Eco-Town
Low-Impact - Large
- Vibrant - "Open Culture" - Smart/Cheap - Healthy - Reasonable

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