Mission / Vision

"I would be very interested in contributing in any way I can." 
"I would love to be a part of one." 
"I think it sounds great!"
"I want to know more!!!! And am very curious." 
"Sounds splendid :)" 
"Lets do it!
"Exciting, but daunting." 
"Bring it on!"  
"i'm curious"
"That is exactly what I am looking for..." 
"It sounds awesome, when can i move in?"

Mission of Outreach Group
To prep, start, grow, and nurture a vibrant grassroots campaign to connect a very large and active pool of enthusiastic empowered green housing buyers and builders to ignite a developers ability to help us build a large-scale green, sustainable, and community-focused eco-town on the Colorado Front Range.

Are you in?

6 Points to A Successful Eco-Town
Low-Impact - Large
- Vibrant - "Open Culture" - Smart/Cheap - Healthy

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