A lot of people are very excited to know more details. It's our belief that, collectively, what is required to technically build an eco-town already exists.

There are few unknowns: Community spaces, an organic farm and gardens, a food coop in a vibrant village center, resource-sharing, transportation solutions, and very green, interesting housing.

So really, this is about people. We are gathering to be counted. It's growing well as grassroots, but we can't grow without people like you taking our survey or getting on our email list. We're not rich bankers or millionaire developers. We can't buy big ads, or drive folks around in a cadillac. All we need is just a little bit of your help right now, right here on this website.

The survey is a quick service by you for a better future, ours and yours. In return, by reviewing the survey results, we can share with your more details of what's coming.

or get on our email list below.

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