A large-scale eco-town would enable these possible features:

8 "Very Green" Ways to Get Food and Supplies

1. The Food Coop
2. Local Farmers "Shares" Coop
3. A Wednesday and Saturday outside Farmers Market
4. The organic farm
5. The greenhouses
6. Your own plot in one of the community gardens
7. Something from your friend's own garden
8. Errand Cooperative - online tool for errands

7 "Very Green" Ways to Get Around

Come to the "Green Transportation Hub" to dramatically reducing the number of single-occupancy car trips to a city center.

1. Walk to the Village Center to get most of your needs met.
2. Bike Shuttle into town with 30 bike-capacity Bike Trailer
3. Car-Share program with 14 hybrids, 3 vans, 3 trucks
            Potentionally owner donated.
4. Car-Pooling online tool.
5. Car-Pooling pickup station

6. Shuttle Link to RTD Bus line
7. Errand Cooperative Online Tool
       (Log on to indicate what small items you need from the store.)

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