Question #11 - "Is this a non-profit organization? or for profit?"

It's just a grassroots people-powered activity at this point. It's similar to a presidential campaign. Officially the term is  "community organizing".

Question #12 - "What's next?"

We are in the second wave of a growth. The vessel is complete. People are signing regularly. An mini-conference is next big step. House parties are in the future. Presentations are in the future.

Question #13 - "Is there any spiritual dimension to this project?"

This eco-town project draws many souls with passions for different dimensions. In the physical realm, the center guiding theme is building lower-impact housing, a farm, and a village center. In the intellectual realm, we get to learn and explore. In the social realm, we expand and experience richness. In the spiritual realm, we find ourselves on a journey.

A portion of prospects identify spirituality as a top passion. Here, in this large-scale project, spiritually is individual and personal. It is something you share with friends in a village and in moments with others. There's magic in community. It nourishes and lifts the spirit. But how that magic weaves into one's soul is an individual's journey.

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